Recapture the magic in your video business again. 


Unlock time-saving templates and profit-protecting tools that help your video production company fire on all cylinders.


Attract Amazing Clients


Sell With Confidence


Lead a Successful Company

Does your video production company feel too much like an expensive hobby?


Is cashflow a constant source of stress?


Is pricing a project correctly a mystery?


Does scope creep eat away your profits?


Are you working tirelessly but don’t have enough to show for it?

Take Back Control of your Business and Create One You’ll Love

Simplify your life with dozens of time-saving templates and profit-protecting tools.

ProTect Your Profit

Make a profit on every project you complete with tools to price your project, down to the cost of each finished minute.

Attract and Manage Amazing Clients

Are you seen as an order taker or an expert practitioner? Stay in charge with these techniques.


Eliminate confusion and guesswork with production workflows that help you easily and efficiently execute every project.

Own Your Business Dashboard

Do you know where your revenue will be 3 months from now? Create accurate projections and monitor your business health like a boss.

The Video Business Playbook has dozens of time-saving templates, customizable checklists and profit-protecting tools – all of the systems and processes you need to make your recapture the fun and profit in your agency.

Running a Video Business is Hard

I know, I’ve been there.

Sure, you can find tons of info about 3-point lighting, hours of editing tutorials on YouTube, and entire conferences show off the latest production gear.

But ask someone how to price for profit, keep clients accountable, or work well with freelancers and, well… there’s not much available.

That’s why I took almost 20 years of hard-won knowledge running a successful video production company business and poured it all into the Video Business Playbook.

Now you install the systems that let your business fire on all cylinders and get you excited about your next project.

How it Works

It’s time to take control of your business like never before.  Here’s how:


Choose Your Package

– Get the Playbook if you like to do-it-yourself.

– Join a Group Cohort to ask questions and gain confidence as you implement changes.

– Apply for the Growth Accelerator to receive personalized advice and guidance.


Create What You Love

Install the systems that let your business fire on all cylinders and get you excited about your next project.

When you’re confidently executing profitable projects, you’ll recapture the magic again.


Grow your business

Crush your confusion and build your video production business with confidence.

Your new creative bandwidth will allow you to take on all of the work you want to do and none of the work you don’t.

Choose Your Package

Video Business Playbook

Unlock dozens of time-saving templates and profit-protecting tools.

$ 1,997
One payment, lifetime access

Implement new strategies and improve your business.

With over 30 editable templates and checklists, you’ll quickly know how to:

Attract awesome clients

Price projects for profit

Keep projects on the rails 

Lock down approvals at every stage of work

Eliminate unpaid scope creep

Navigate reviews and project checkpoints with ease

Make referral requests effortless and natural

Gather testimonials and social proof that crushes doubt

Small Group Cohorts

Fast-track your implementation and capture the results you deserve.

$ 1,997/ mo.
for 3 months

Gain confidence as you install the Video Business Playbook tools and templates in your company.

Live Zoom sessions show the four critical aspects of growing a business you’ll love, so you’ll know how to:

Attract Awesome Clients

Sell with Confidence and Integrity

Define a Killer Production Process

Lead A Thriving Agency

Includes Q&A email support for fast answers to your biggest problems

Bonus #1: A video review of your website, with guidance on what to fix to get the cash flowing

Bonus #2:Business Made Simple” courses to optimize your small businesses

Bonus #3: Two private sessions with Whitney during your cohort to bust down what’s holding you back

Growth Accelerator

One-on-One Intensives
for Serious Growth

$ 2997/ mo.
6 month minimum

Make this your best year yet! Private calls with you and your leadership team provide the shortcuts and advice needed to:

Clearly see your opportunities and know how to attack them

Define your ideal client, then know how to find them and make them fall in love with you

Write powerful marketing messages that will make you a customer magnet

Set up a management system so you spend less time in meetings and more time doing what you love

Bonus #1: All the templates and checklists in the Video Business Playbook, the website review, and “Business Made Simple” subscription

Bonus #2: “Sleep Easy” Cash Flow Forecast so you know when you can relax and when you need to hustle

* You must have a dedicated implementer on your team or be willing to hire one. This is typically a marketer, COO, or project manager. It is almost never the CEO.

“Whitney’s guidance has us excited about growing our business. For the first time ever, I have next quarter’s revenue under contract weeks before it starts. The investment value far exceeds the cost.

– Andy Vanhook, Appeal Production

Stop “should-ing” all over yourself!

Get the playbook, join a small group cohort or apply for the Growth Accelerator.
You’ll finally clear the mental clutter that’s holding you back and start writing the business story you deserve.

Price For Profit

Take the guesswork out of pricing! Learn how to calculate real costs, deliver real value and make projects profitable.

Communicate with Confidence

Get the clear communication templates that keep everyone on the same page (and every project on schedule).

Grow your business

Easily attract amazing clients and master the business-side of a thriving creative agency.

It’s tough to read the label
when you’re inside the bottle.

I started a video marketing agency before YouTube existed, then promptly made all the costly business mistakes you can think of.

The business felt more like a really expensive hobby because:
  • I struggled to find the right clients, so I took whatever came along (including a funeral service – ugh!)
  • I didn’t understand how to estimate projects properly and took a bath on too many projects.
  • When I did get money, I failed to set enough aside for slow times so I was always stressing.
I let Clients (and a few staff) walk all over me because:
  • I failed to set boundaries
  • I didn’t have documentation in place to clarify expectations
  • My contracts were weak
  • I put everyone else’s needs before my own
I let the stress build for far too long because:
  • “Something else” always demanded my time and attention.
  • I stubbornly thought I could figure it out by myself.
  • I didn’t know anyone I could ask for advice specific to running a video production business.

I’ve been there. That’s why I know how valuable the right tools and the right people on the outside can be.

Your frustrations probably aren’t being caused by a lack of talent.

The obstacles in your way are a lack of process, confusion over pricing, unrealized growth… all things I want to help you with.


Free Business Building Mini-Bundle

Get 7 must-have templates to make your life easier today!

You’ll also continue to receive tips and guidance to grow your agency!

Download seven must-have templates that you can immediately use to recapture the magic, including:

  • Build credibility with powerful testimonials [3-part framework]
  • Estimating with confidence
  • Video proposals made simple [1-page structure]
  • Coordinating talent [casting tool]
  • Write compelling scripts the fast and easy way [template]
I want my Business Building Mini-Bundle!

Stop driving into the demolition derby with every project and get on the super-highway to a successful video business.

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